Our signature delicious treats, buy one for the road or a box for friends


Cones of fun! Scoops available in a range of flavours


A perfect pick-me-up, partnered with any of our Happy Donuts


Thick, cold and creamy, in irresistable flavours


Chocolate Milkshake

Creme Brûlée

Filled with Tahitian vanilla creme brûlée, glazed with Billingtons golden caster sugar for that sugar crunch

Raspberry Jam

Filled with Tiptree raspberry jam, tossed in Billingtons golden caster sugar

Ferrero Rocher

Chef’s special! Slow-matured dough filled with Valrhona 55% chocolate and a roasted hazelnut ganache, topped with Valrhona Cocoa chocolate icing and a whole Ferrero Rocher!


Stuffed with a roasted hazelnut ganache and Valrhona 55% chocolate, decorated with Valrhona Cocoa chocolate icing and dark chocolate shavings



Mango icecream

Vanilla Icecream

Strawberry Custard!

Our 48 hour slow matured dough, filled with Our English strawberry custard. Our English strawberry icing topping freeze dried strawberry crumble.


You’d be nuts not to try one! Slow-matured dough with a Bronte pistachio custard filling, decorated with Bronte pistachio icing and pistachio crumbs.

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Vanilla Custard!

Messy and delicious, this classic is filled with Tahitian vanilla custard filling, and topped with sweet Vanilla bean icing


Mmm… filled with Dulce de Leche custard filling, decorated with Dulce de Leche vanilla icing, Valrhona 55% dark chocolate shavings and crushed banana crumbs

Strawberry Icecream

Pistachio Icecream

Rhubarb and Vanilla custard!

Our 48 hour slow matured dough filled with our Tahitian vanilla and rhubarb custard filling. Tossed in Billingntons golden castor sugar and cinnamon spice mix.

Caramel Custard!

A succulent French classic, this one is filled with Dulce de Leche custard filling, and decorated with special Dulce de Leche vanilla icing

Red Velvet!

Always popular, these handmade ring donuts are flavoured with Valrhona cocoa powder and decorated with cream cheese and freeze dried strawberry crumbs

Boston Cream Flake!

New England inspired filled donut with Tahitian vanilla custard filling, decorated with Valrhona Cocoa chocolate icing topping, Dulce de Leche and an extra Flake!

Chocolate Icecream

Passion Fruit Icecream

Lemon Meringue!


Our 48 hour slow matured dough, filled with Yuzu custard, lemon icing topping, crushed vanilla meringue, freeze dried raspberry and chantilly cream.

White Chocolate and Matcha!

A very special recipe – slow matured dough filled with Valrhona 33% white chocolate ganache, and decorated with unique Matcha green tea icing

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